Account Statements

With the MyCardStatement Login, account holders have complete access to their respective account statements. The primary account holder at the My Card Statement Login portal can ask the authorized user to operate the credit card account at the portal.

In this case, that individual on the account is declared as an “authorized user” and the card is an “additional card. Cards are allotted by us even if the name of a different institution seems on the cards. Visa is a certified trademark of Visa International Service Association and the firm is licensed.

MyCardStatement Login platform is a registered trademark and licensed as the official authority therefore, clients can rely on all the online services it provides. We may, at the discretion, withhold a division of the obtainable balance in the MyCardStatement Login account up to the amount of payment to guarantee that the payment is made.

MyCardStatement Login portal provides services at which are like Monthly Billing – Minimum Total Payment – The minimum billing requirement is the new balance that will resemble on the cyclical statement if the amount is $ 15.00 or less.

If appropriate, the minimum total payment incorporates any amount that surpasses the credit limit and an amount due. MyCardStatement Login portal users can perpetually pay more than the minimum cumulative payment or the stats of the current balance.

The total minimum payment will be implemented in any order at the discretion which is done through the MyCardStatement Login portal. Payments above the Total Minimum Payment are utilized first to the balances with the most distinguished APR, then to the perspectives with the lowest interest rate in deteriorating order of APR.

The words you, yours, and the cardholder transfer to all individuals accountable for the application of this official Agreement, inclusive of the applicant and all applicants who have asked the opening of an account, as well as the individual to whom the extracts are sent.