Offers & Renewal

MyCardStatement Login portal may offer their respective enrolled cardholders an anniversary promotional percentage for all or part of a balance or for certain types of transactions. The efficacy period of the promotional price may be confined to the usage.

All appropriate promotional prices, appropriate periodic prices, and the period during which the customers apply will be set forth in the account opening declaration or in a sales letter. Any exclusive offer is subject to the limitations of the offer and of the official MyCardStatement contract.

Extension and cancellation of the card aspects must be mandatorily acknowledged by every employee at The card is legitimate until the expiration date designated on the cards’ front end. We will issue a revision or replacement Card prior to the termination of the current card unless the account has been terminated by the respective user or us or the account is not prevailing at the time of expiration.

The MyCardStatement Login account is in “good condition” if it is an open and current account that does not have any expiration details. Responsibility for funding charges and fees conveys that the card allows respective users to receive purchases, variations, and prepayments discounts up to the credit limit of the account registered on the MyCardStatement Login portal.

Cardholders are liable to the official MyCardStatement Login portal for all fees and charges acquired by cardholders and supplementary cards declared to the My Card Statement Login account. Authorized users utilizing a primary cardholder account are not accountable for obligations contracted by the original cardholder or other approved users.

Nevertheless, each time a supplementary card is utilized at, the Authorized User agrees to indemnify us for that matter and associated charges if they do not pay or refuse to repay as per the official commitment. The least total payment for every month for the account is due before the repayment due date on the MyCardStatement received a monthly statement.